Practice yoga in an intimate, warm and nurturing environment
in your own home and in the great outdoors.


Get 12 classes for the price of 10
Save $5 on single class 

Harmony Yoga Classes ONLINE. Please email to join the list. 

Join our gentle classes to help you stay calm & grounded,
immune enhancing classes to keep healthy,
and restorative yoga to help us melt into the earth and receive more!

Harmony Yoga Studio

Exciting things keep happening at Harmony Yoga in our beautiful new studio at Noelle’s Day Spa.

We also offer Group Drumming, Jazz Dance and Tai Chi as well as many wonderful workshops!

Schedule a Private Yoga Session along with a Spa Treatment like a Relaxing Massage or Facial!

Harmony Yoga Studio located at
1100 High Ridge Road at corner of Dunn Ave Stamford CT
2nd floor back stairs of Noelle’s Day Spa!

Call 203-962-4672 for more information

Why Choose Harmony?

Smaller classes with a teacher that knows YOU!

Our Yoga Teacher

The personalized attention of an experienced Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor with over 25 years experience in rehabilitation as an Occupational Therapist. She is also a Reiki Master.

Our Yoga Classes

Offering Gentle yoga, Yoga Dance, Beginners Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Five Elements Yoga, Yoga for Grieving, Yoga Parties, Beach Yoga, Corporate Yoga at your office, Workshops, and Private one-on-one sessions available.

Customized Yoga

We cater to beginner and intermediate students, tailor each class to you not you to the class. Receive therapeutic yoga with seasoned hands – and no pretzel









Our Yoga Classes





Beach Yoga

Yoga Dance

Private Yoga

“Practicing Yoga with Carol in nature at Harmony Yoga’s Five Elements Retreat awoke something within me. Carol wove together music, flows, restorative yoga, and poems. We hiked to a waterfall, sang and danced at a bonfire, and practiced together under a huge blue sky. I am home now, but weekend is alive inside me, expansive and open. Thank you for opening doors I did not know were there!”

“Harmony Yoga’s Five Elements Retreat taught me poses with a purpose! Not just going through the motions but going through the motions to get to the emotions!”

“One of the best overall Yoga experiences! You will walk away with the tools to implement in your daily life. Carol is clearly a passionate expert!”

I left class feeling relaxed, a bit more limber than normal, and with a little more energy than I usually have at that time of day. And I’ve been going once a week ever since.  It’s a great way to wind down after a hard day, and it actually sets you up to handle the rest of the week with a much better outlook.  Plus, it gives me an hour or so of quality time with my wife that doesn’t have all the normal life interferences that peck away at you.

So guys – if your wife asks you to go with her to Harmony Yoga – you should do it.  You’ll feel better and you’ll be a bit more positive at the end of the day! 

Jim Foley – Yoga Student June 2017

Breath by Breath

Life proceeds breath by breath.
Deep, full and easy, shallow or
uneven, breathing is the key to
cultivating peace.

Breath by breath, choose to
stay present. It isn’t success
you are seeking, but surrender
to the flow of energy.

It’s not control that matters,
but letting go, allowing life
exactly as it is this moment
to touch and change and
breathe through you.

~ Danna Faulds