You gotta FEEL to HEAL…

Do you take the time to observe what is in your heart? Do you allow the difficult emotions to pass through or do you harbor them?Do you live from a place of abundance or keep trudging thru from a place of lack? It’s a process right? And a journey…those who challenge us are our greatest teachers…I always have believed that.’s your choice to get STUCK in your heart, especially with those people who love to engage you in the stickiness…AND…it’s also your choice to FEEL what is present and invite it all to be there so that you CAN get UNSTUCK and HEAL.

I just love this poem from Danna Fauld’s first book Go In and In called Willingness.


In the willingness to feel, there is healing.

In the choice not to closet, cast aside or deny experience energy is freed, and I dive deeper into life.

There may be maturity in choosing not to act, but there are no rewards for suppression and denial.

To be fully alive is saying yes to the wide array of human feelings.

When i soften, release and breathe, I discover I am more than what i think, feel, reason or believe.




The Tibetan Singing Bowls encourages us to feel and heal. Our 5 Elements Harmony Yoga practice invites in feeling and thus healing. Please check out the happenings at Harmony as we progress from the Wood Element of  Springtime to the beginnings of the Fire Element of Early Summer starting Mid May. There’s  lots happening.



Happy Mama’s Day you-all!