Water Element Time…breathe in Faith and breath out Fear!

It’s officially Winter after the moon filled nights and the Water Element has begun! The Bladder, which is the longest meridian or energy highway in the body, and the Kidneys are in high tide during this time of  year. When these organs are balanced and running smoothly we have the steadfastness to endure the long cold winter. When the Water Element is off kilter we may be feeling fearful.

Right now it feels like the whole world is fearful!!! Covid is on the rise, especially here in Stamford, and the Mask Mandate is back on temporarily. Harmony Yoga does not want to promote fear. Our goal is to facilitate harmony and balance from the inside out and the outside in.

Our mats are our safe place.

Let’s all help each other to continue to promote peace and decrease fear by wearing our masks at the present time.

Let’s all breath into our belly and visualize the light of faith and trust and exhale out our lower back/kidneys all the fear.

May we all be safe and well.

May we all be peaceful and at ease.

May we all feel loving and loved.

Happy Holidays