Turning 60…Talk Less, Smile More!

“Look around Look around how lucky we are to be alive right now…Talk Less Smile More” threads of genius from HAMILTON! 

Turning 60 in 6 days…it is certainly been a time of reflection for me…missing the company of dear ones from all my other decades…knowing life is never static and that I must embrace the cha cha cha changes…bouncing from feeling so grateful to so sad…I know when I wake up on May 20th nothing really will change…but inside I will know I am entering a new decade…a decade to continue to cultivate inner strength…a decade to listen more to my inner voice…a decade to be truly filled with gratitude for all the gifts that surround me…a decade to celebrate health.

In a review of Hamilton the Washington Post said “Be yourself in all your glorious weirdness, with all the risk of looking stupid that entails. If you worry about looking stupid, you will never find your people. If you waste time not making the one thing you would die if you didn’t make, you will die all the same. Life is too short not to be yourself, especially if yourself is Alexander Hamilton.”

So Talk Less and Smile More…that’s my intention today. What’s your intention? Maybe choose something for a day, a week, a month…and just keep coming back to it, especially as your mind distracts  you with 60-80,000 thoughts a day…keep beginning again…talk less, smile more.

Dates to Talk Less and Smile More at Harmony Yoga Studio

Kirtan Sunday June 3rd 4-530pm with Kevin and Katherine

Restorative Yoga Workshop with Live Music Sunday June 10th 4-6pm

Classes this week

Tues Ongoing Beginners Yoga 7pm

Wed Moderate Kripalu Yoga 8am & Gentle Yoga 930am & TAI CHI 530pm

Thurs Moderate Kripalu Yoga 830am NO THURS EVENING CLASS

Sat Moderate Kripalu Yoga 8am

A happy sweet gratitude filled Mothers Day to all,


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  1. Dear Carol,
    Thank you for sharing from open heart with such eloquence and vulnerability. I love your class and promise to make to your classes (pun not intended) And 60s are liberating, to smile more and to talk less to those, who are afraid to look stupid or be greatly weird according to the norm norm. You are so loved and admired.