There Are No Accidents! By Carol Shwidock – Owner, Harmony Yoga Studio in Stamford, CT

I love that song by Elvis Costello “Accidents will happen”…Accidents DO happen and I do believe there are NO ACCIDENTS! When someone calls you that you haven’t heard from in a while but were just thinking about them…well, it’s no accident. We ARE all connected. Whatever you focus your attention on will grow…so if you are feeling negative, that is what you are putting out there right? and sadly it comes flying back at you.

So, i have a funny/not funny story to tell you…I was rushing to my meditation cushion and i broke my toe…Yup, sat down haphazardly, not mindfully, got off balance, my hand landed on my glasses (broke them too) and i heard the every gentle snap. Of course I got up as it wasn’t that bad..yet…and I got my ice pack, China Gel, elevated my foot….but here I am one week later with a taped toe. Now luckily I can still practice yoga, VERY GRATEFUL… and I can walk just can’t get my sneakers on just yet as it is still swollen…oh well…Accidents Do Happen right?

Pay Attention To How You Feel

So this week I have been paying attention to how i feel…. kinda pissy as I am missing the sweat of a great walk, kinda bumming as this is probably the third time I have broken my toes and also grateful that it isn’t worse. I have been using the time to meditate more, listen more, relax more, practice more, walk in the pool and not let the Summer rush on by.

What are you learning these days?

  • Stay Safe
  • Stay Well
  • Be Mindful
  • Mask Up


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