Spring Energy Rising Up

Springtime IS here! WOOHOO!!!

Can you feel the shift in yourself?

Which way does energy in spring go?

Yes you guessed it…it is going UP, rising UP, with a fierceness.

Last weekend I was in Easton PA…only 2 hours south of us here in Stamford and boy were those daffodils and hyacinths popping up proudly..Its coming…

From Root to Bloom by Danna Faulds

root to bloom.png

Sap is flowing once again from root to trunk, from trunk to branch, to every

leaf and bud and blossom on the tree.  The frozen days

are past  Now is the season of flowering, when the full force of energy moves up and

up to manifest its destiny.

It is everything to me, this new life springing forth from

ash and compost, this chance to nurture, weed, and prune,

to patiently receive the miracle that blooms as if no force on earth can

turn aside its beauty.

I am so excited to Rise Up with all of you!

Come join us for Spring time Energy Classes

Tuesdays Beginners 6-7pm

Wed/Sat All Levels 8-9am

Soon..Beach Yoga Fridays 8-9am! Get your beach stickers!!!