Soft is Strong….

How are you “seeing” things these days? There is a roller coaster around us, in the weather, in the world…and yes sometimes inside of ourselves too. One thing I have learned is that I don’t want to live in the drama of it all. I want to live in the Love, in the Peace, in the Yin and the Yang,,,the soft and the strong, the moon and the sun, the balance of all things. How do I do that? I stay present. I observe. I begin again. I acknowledge I am human and that I make mistakes. AND….I CHOOSE to LIVE IN LOVE , RIDING THE WAVES, SURFING, SMILING, LAUGHING AND CRYING. Do you? Or better yet, what do you do in these crazy times to stay grounded, to see more clearly, to not judge but just accept?

In Chinese Medicine we are in the Wood Element, Spring time and the when we are balanced we are embracing The Hun, The Observer. The “five spirits” in Chinese is called the “Five Shen” and each element embraces a different “shen” or spiritual practice. The Hun is the clarity within ourselves, to be clear is to balance how you see things. The eyes are the sense organ of the Liver and the GallBladder. So when we are seeing clearly, observing and not judging we are helping our Wood Chi.

Here’s to seeing clearly. As Jimmy Cliff sang…

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

I can see all obstacles in my way.

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.

It’s gonna be a bright, sunshiny day”