Writer Sylvia Boorstein, the jewish buddhist, loves the word “Recalibrating…especially said by our GPS….It’s said so gently, without any judgement, we just recalibrate!”

What does recalibrate mean to you?

Can you shift your focus easily and allow the changing of a direction?

Do you feel you have to fix things in order to recalibrate?

Our breath, to me, is recalibrating us all the time.

Gently and without judgement our breath gives us feedback…It slows when we are relaxed and quickens when we are stressed.

Take note of your breath and let it speak to you.

This weeks breath in honor of the Fire Element of Early Summer is inviting you to Inhale up the back body to your third eye and see an Infinity Sign as you hold your breath out then Exhale down the front body to your belly and see that Infinity Sign as you hold your breath in.

Try It!

Very soothing, very helpful to Recalibrate your Mind, Body and Soul!!!

Happy Early Summer,