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5 Elements Harmony Yoga with Chinese Medicine Healing – ALL 5 VIDEOS




  • Streaming online videos
  • 5 videos – one for each element
  • Videos are each 24-27 minutes long

Earth Element, Late Summer, when Yin/Yang Energy is most balanced in the Stomach and Spleen. Inhale trust and Exhale worry as we hold poses to feel calm, grounded and safe.

Metal Element, Autumn time, when the Yang energy is going downwards and the leaves are falling from the trees. Inhale integrity and Exhale sadness as we breathe into our Lungs and Large Intestines to arrive and release what does not serve us

Water Element, Wintertime, where energy travels into your Kidney and Bladder. Inhale endurance and Exhale fear using gentle poses and Chi Gong to receive and release.

Wood Element, Spring time, Yang energy is rising up and sprouting. Inhale clarity and Exhale anger as we balance our Liver and Gallbladder.

Fire Element, Early Sumer, when the Yang energy of the Heart and Small Intestine are strong. Inhale joy as we let go of any anxiety. We practice strong poses and smile bright.