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5 Elements Harmony Yoga with Chakra Tuning – ALL 5 VIDEOS




  • Streaming online videos
  • 5 videos – one for each element
  • Videos are each 24-27 minutes long

Earth Element, the 1st Chakra helps you to find stability from the tailbone down to your feet. Practice rooted poses with breathwork and mudras (hand gestures) to facilitate feeing safe and grounded.

Water Element, the 2nd Chakra, located in the pelvis, helps you go with the flow in your life. Practice a moving meditation to cultivate creativity and a sense of freedom in the body and mind.

Fire Element, the 3rd Chakra, located in the belly is about finding willpower, a sense of strength and determination to facilitate your inner fire! Practice twists and core strengtheners to light you up!

Air Element, the 4th Chakra, is located energetically in the heart and lungs. Practice heart openers and side leans to explore what is in your heart in the moment and embrace all that is. 

Space Element includes the 5th, 6th and 7th Chakras! It is the connection from the throat to the crown of the head. A full Chakra tuning is included along with a blue sky meditation to help you connect to something greater than you. This is a very calming, gentle practice.