Five Elements Harmony Yoga Retreat

Grounded Meditation & Harmony Yoga Restore/Renewal

Thursday July 22nd


Take your yoga practice to another level with the accompaniment of a relaxing and calming sound bath from Grounded Meditation! Move through a Gentle Harmony Yoga flow while listening to a symphony of crystal and Tibetan bowls, chimes, gongs and other instruments. We’ll wrap up with an extended Shavasana/Relaxation like no other as you immerse yourself in the magical sounds of the bowls and healing instruments. Space is limited- sign up soon! Please bring your own mat and any props you would like to use such as eye covering, blanket, bolster, etc. $40.00 in advance; $45.00 at the door.


This event will be rescheduled in the near future!

Join us at Sticks and Stones for a mini 5 elements retreat/workshop

Come learn about the 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how you can heal yourself, one breath at a time. Carol will teach you about the 5 Elements Paradigm and how one season feeds the next (generating cycles) and what season controls which elements(controlling cycle). Then we will do a gentle practice combining Kripalu Yoga, Chi Gong, Meditation and Restorative Yoga. We will be outside, weather permitting, under a tent, socially distanced with masks optional. Labyrinth Walk, Journaling and Group Discussion as well so please bring your journals.

Sunday June 27th


Sticks and Stones Farm 197 Huntington Rd Newtown CT 06470






Previous  Retreat

September 7-9 2018 at click on the link for all information and $100 if book by 8/7/18!

Harmony Yoga Statue

The Five Elements are EARTH WATER FIRE AIR and SPACE. In this Yoga Retreat we will explore Yoga Postures(Asanas), Breathing Techniques(Pranayama) Meditation and Guided Visualization, Essential Oils, Intentions and Affirmations, Mantras(mind freeing sentences) and Mudras(yoga with the hands), Journaling and Creative Activities to harmonize the Elements. We will incorporate the Chakras with the Elements and each practice will be created to help highlight every element so you will become aware of how you might need an Earth practice to help you ground vs a Fire flow to increase your transformational power.

Healing begins with Awareness. “All healing comes from within oneself~We can help each other turn on ones own healing switch, but the healing capacity is within oneself”. My hope on this retreat is to help you balance the energy and find deeper layers of harmony within your body and also the within the environment thru the Five Elements so you can awaken your own healing switch.

Self care is the new health care. You can only heal what you feel so keep tuning in with Awareness for when you get out of tune.

TESTIMONIALS from Sept 2017 Five Elements Harmony Yoga Retreat

“Practicing Yoga with Carol in nature at Harmony Yoga’s Five Elements Retreat awoke something within me. Carol wove together music, flows, restorative yoga, and poems. We hiked to a waterfall, sang and danced at a bonfire, and practiced together under a huge blue sky. I am home now, but weekend is alive inside me, expansive and open. Thank you for opening doors I did not know were there!”

“Harmony Yoga’s Five Elements Retreat taught me poses with a purpose! Not just going through the motions but going through the motions to get to the emotions!”

“One of the best overall Yoga experiences! You will walk away with the tools to implement in your daily life. Carol is clearly a passionate expert!”

“Being part of the Five Elements Yoga Retreat had many levels for me…a sense of spirited community, relaxation and learning in depth about how we connect to the Five Elements…I had a profound shift!”

“I have slowed down, silenced the noise and become more aware of the Elements missing from my life!”

“I’m leaving having made a shift to a deeper sense of calm and wellbeing, feeling of connection, openness, and body well being!”

“I highly recommend Five Elements Harmony Yoga Retreat. It simply gives deep meaning to every pose you’ve ever done and didn’t know why.”

“Carol provided us with poses and a purpose, giving peace and tranquility in a place filled with natural beauty. Fabulous weekend from the moment we drove in to the sad moment we had to leave.

“Traveling through the Elements with the connection to the Nature around us, you provided an opportunity to LIVE each Element and reflect on how we can balance them within us. I learned about Awareness and the importance of the poses and time needed to create balance within..I will take time everyday!”

“Carol doesn’t just teach yoga,,,she LIVES it!”

“It was a well thought out cohesive workshop and even thought I missed some of the classes(elements) I came away with a better understanding of the Elements/Chakras. When I entered the room where we practiced, I felt like I was entering a sanctuary where time slowed and “busyness” melted away.”

“Fantastic Weekend! Carol you were organized, professional, warm, supportive and motivating! Thank You!”

BashBish Falls WATER DAY

Bash Bish Falls WATER DAY