Corporate Yoga

Yoga in the Corporate World
corporate yoga

A wonderful Yoga program is part of the work week at Oracle. A successful program since 2004, it is subsidized by Oracle and made available to all Stamford employees. Although offered within a corporate setting, we practice in a quiet room with large windows overlooking serene scenery with beautiful trees located on Oracle‘s campus-like setting.

Yoga is a union of the mind, body and spirit and helps us discover the inner peace in us all. The program has been instrumental to the committed employees who practice because it provides a calmness in the hectic day we all experience. The Yoga program calms the mind while providing balance, strength and harmony we all strive for in our lives.

~ a place to find harmony in your life made available at your work life.


Would you love to bring Harmony Yoga to your company? Many offices have chosen to do a one off…one time yoga class to learn how to manage stress and relax more so you will be more productive and more kind? Kindness Matters on the job and in the world!

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Testimonial from Designs Within Reach

Yoga at lunchtime? In our office space? Judgement free? You bet! Carol has been teaching a weekly hour long yoga class in our office space for a little over 1.5 years now and we are so blessed to have her share her gift of yoga instruction with us. It is the perfect time to recharge, find balance (mind & body) & restore.

She takes the time to “check in” with us to get a feel for our overall energy level and asks if anyone has any issues they need to work on: Such as upper back/neck & shoulder aches from working at a desk for many hours at a time. She gently warms us up. Then, through breathing techniques, postures, sequences, flow and rhythm, we are gently guided for the most amazing hour spent on the mat. At lunch time mind you – It’s the best! We then relax into savasana (something like a cool down) which is followed by some scented oil to heal, energize or awaken & she shares a short reading themed to the season, the class instruction, to life in general. We then end the class with a pick of a card (the collection always changes) to read aloud….The sayings are almost always perfectly aligned to our moment in life & offer pause, insight, compassion & goodwill. So we benefit from each other’s words of wisdom.

It is so refreshing to walk out of this class with my mind and body back in balance and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead the rest of the day. My spirit is lifted and my energy is exponentially increased compared to when I had first walked in the room.  It’s such a feel good opportunity we’ve been given and I thank Carol for bringing this weekly class on the mat to us. If you’re ever given this opportunity, please do yourself a favor and take it – You’ll be hooked!

LK 10/2017