Corporate Yoga

Would you love to bring Harmony Yoga to your office?

Harmony Yoga would love to provide a yoga class for you and your coworkers and show you how to manage stress and relax to be more productive and kind. Kindness matters on the job and in the world! 

Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit and helps students discover their inner peace. Corporate yoga has been instrumental to the committed employees who practice because it provides a calmness in their hectic day. Employees have been know to come to the office that day just because they know it’s “yoga day!” Corporate Harmony Yoga classes are great for work events too! Carol is looking forward to her second year at a Summer Annual Picnic for a large local hedge fund.

A wonderful Yoga program is part of the work week at Oracle. A successful program since 2004, it is subsidized by Oracle and made available to all employees as this is a Virtual Class!