Offerings & Workshops

5 Elements Yoga/Chi Gong/Restorative Yoga with Carol

Saturday Nov 27th 8-930am 

In the spirit of giving back Carol will teach a 60 min 5 Elements Yoga/Chi Gong class to work off our Thanksgiving treats (spoiler alert: there will be lotsa twists and core work) then offer a 30 min Restorative practice as a gift to all who attend. A 90 min class for the 60 min fee. Please bring 2-3 yoga blankets, 2 blocks and a bolster or bed pillow, eye pillow if you wish too. Just sign up for class online (not a workshop offering) and come work it out then work IN with us. $20 with your ten card or $25 for a single class

Annual New Years Eve DAY Workshop to let go and let in

Friday Dec 31st 9-1030am

How will you process 2021? At Harmony Yoga Studio we have an annual tradition of Meditation and Movement, (maybe we will even do some Yoga Dance this year to shake out our Junk Funk and Gunk)…then we will have a fun ceremony to set your intentions for 2022 ending with Restorative Yoga. Sound good? It’s always a healing way to let go and begin again and I hope you will join us. Please bring your mat, 2-3 blankets, 2 blocks, 2 bed pillows or your bolster and an eye pillow if you wish.

$35 in advance $40 at the door day of


New Years Day Meditation with the amazing Beth Leas of  TLC

FREE  to all either online or in studio

Jan 1 Saturday 3-4pm sign up details to follow




Celebrate Giving Thanks & Paint from Your Heart 5 Elements Yoga/Chi Gong


with Carol and Jen Columbo


Giving and Receiving, to yourself, to others…practice with Gentle 5 Elements Yoga/Chi Gong then you will receive 2 mini canvases…your choice to give and/or receive. With Jen’s intuitive guidance she will encourage us to find an intention to paint from our hearts and together we will celebrate Giving Thanks. 

Restorative Yoga & Simply Sounds will return!

New Date TBD

with Carol and Gary Posner

Come lay down. It is Metal Element in Chinese Medicine (Fall Season) and a time to surrender and let go with healing restorative poses and deep listening. As we transition into Autumn we witness the leaves shining bright and then returning to the Earth. Carol will lead us in a few Restorative Poses while Gary accompanies us with Healing Sounds. Sound Baths have been shown to reduce stress, enable deep relaxation, enhance creativity, possibly uplift the spirit and help with insomnia. Sound Meditations slow down your brainwaves and guide you into a deep meditative state or altered state of consciousness. Students will be totally relaxed as they are “immersed” in the sounds, vibrations and harmonics of the instruments. Gongs, Himalayan bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and shamanic percussion instruments are played in a clinically tested, therapeutic sequence to enhance the healing benefits of both restorative poses and sound healing. Come join us. Space limited.


(2 blankets, 2 bed pillows) and invite your body to land on the ground and relax more..