New Years Intention Class 2017

Tonight is New Year’s today across the world at noon a New Years Eve Celebration is happening! Right here in Stamford at Harmony Yoga Studio from noon to 130pm we will begin our celebration. It’s so important to remember that we are already whole…so important to remember we are part of something greater than us. Like Luke Skywalker reminds us in The Last Jedi…We are part of the Energy…every time we breathe in we draw that Energy of the Universe into us and every time we breathe out a part of us goes back out there…to the whole, to the Universe. 

So perhaps we can set an Intention…not a Resolution(because we are already whole, we come from a place of Abundance, not lack of)…perhaps we can set our Intention for 2017 from our Sankalpa.  Sankalpa (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means an intention formed by the heart and mind — a solemn vow, determination, or will. … A sankalpa is a tool meant to harness the will, and to focus and harmonize mind and body. It is about harmonizing your mind and body for your highest purpose… it’s not about what you don’t have already.

We will culitivate that Sankalpa..that intention, that deepest desire, in class today. But if you aren’t able to get there take some time today or tomorrow to sit with yourself,,meditate on What is my deepest desire? Like Davidji says in his newest book Sacred Powers, “What I seek I already am..the more attention you place an intention, the more it grows.  Invite your intention into your awareness. Allow it to crystallize. And when you are clear on it, invite it into your heart. Begin a gentle, slow process of deep breathing as you see it clearly move into your heart; and keep breathing deeply. Envision  your endgame, your goal, your target. Notice how manifesting your intention makes you feel…in your body, in  your mind, in your heart…plant your intention like a seed deep in your heart.”

One of my  intentions is to Serve the Highest Good to All. Thank you all for allowing me to serve. A Happy and A Healthy Sweet Sweet New Year to all and see you on the mat in 2018. 

Harmony Yoga Classes offered this week.

Tues Beginners 7pm 

Wed All Levels 8am & Gentle 930am

Thurs All Levels 830am

Sat All Levels 745am

Please enjoy this article from Yoga International on setting your intentions.

Namaste and Happy Happy New Year,


Carol Shwidock

203 962 4672
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