Love is like Mint….why you ask?

The Mint is my garden has been taking over…It keeps propagating!

“Mint is rambunctious, easy to grow, and it tastes great!”

So isn’t that similar to Love?

Mint grows in a container but when it’s free in your soil, it goes cray cray!

Love can be cultivated in a container…sometimes with boundaries and limits right?

And then, when Love gets a chance to run free…WOOHOO…it is So easy to grow and yes it does taste so great!

So this week, as we shift from the WOOD to the FIRE ELEMENT, from the liver/gallbladder of sprouting to the heart/small intestine/pericardium/triple burner to forgiveness, compassion, happiness, and of course love love love…remember to invite your self, even for  just a little bit, to run free….to feel, to be, to smile, to wonder, to wander and to appreciate all love that surrounds you.

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