Let there be LIGHT!

Light is such an interesting word right? Light can be from your candles, the sunlight, a flash light and you can Shine Bright…Light can also be the opposite of Heavy…sometimes in Shavasana I may lead you in a Heavy vs Light Meditation…Heavy in the back body, on the ground, Earth Energy….letting go…like we do in Metal Element AND Light can be the ease, the softness, the openings to let more light in!

We are in the Season of Light, Hanukkah candles and Christmas Lights abound. Yet Nature is preparing to go inward…to the stillness of Water Element around 12/21/21 when the Winter Solstice occurs. Mother Nature re-minds us to go inside to re-charge our own light. RE-MIND….i love that…Humans need to be RE-MINDED to be still in this busy time of year, every day….Even if only for 5 minutes can you recharge your light, have a soft gaze on the light and just breathe….it’s imperative for me!

Some of us have the Winter Blues, when there is less light and we may feel sluggish, heavier, depressed in our bodies, not necessarily in our minds which can be linked to decreased light outside. So.. lighten up to lift your energies and kindle your inner fire!

Be Light

Be Love

Be Lit