Island Time

So we just came back from Turks & Caicos…Grace Bay is a beach of total grace, from the shades of aqua to the powdery sand and beautiful sunshine…it’s an Ahhhhh for sure.

However…I found myself still feeling the stress in myself even after we landed and arrived…and I was initially just not a happy camper…I needed to adjust to “Island Time”…where you make a reservation and wait maybe 90 mins for a table…and you just have to, i mean HAVE TO surrender to it all…i felt myself on a trampoline in the middle of this gorgeous water doing some yoga and then finally transitioning into the peaceful place inside…i know enough to KNOW it’s a practice to be present and not take all the Junk Funk and Gunk with you…i know enough….yet i still needed the transition time to ease into it all…and of course i did. It’s a practice right?! and that transition time is real…for sure…and that Island Time is also real…and wonderful and I loved every sec.

Do you notice your transitions from situation to situation? How present are you for the moments? Can you use that ole Kripalu teaching BRFWA….BREATH RELAX FEEL WATCH ALLOW to help you into the present moment? Can you watch your body breathing and feel yourself relaxing? Can you feel into what is the message in your heart? Can you watch it without trying to change it or make it different? Can you allow it all to just be?

Can you?

I know you can…just remember, it’s a practice.

and now the goal….Can you keep some “Island Time” in your life?

Can you?