Is your glass half full or half empty?

I have always been a cockeyed optimist…my glass is always half full…Nope, not anymore. From now on my glass is gonna be overflowing and totally full….AND, it’s really about the Pitcher that fills the glass isn’t it?

We ALWAYS have a choice right? You can choose to look at the brighter side of things or the lack…I choose abundance. To me, the Pitcher symbolizes The Universe..and EVERY TIME, I mean Every Time we inhale we draw The Universe, The Pitcher, into our glass and we fill up…we CAN fill all the way up, we CAN be overflowing, even when life throws us a curve ball….we CAN CHOOSE to see the goodness, that’s how I roll…how ’bout you?

I was supposed to teach a workshop this Sunday…it wasn’t happening, those who expressed interest could not come. So I will reschedule it..and then THE UNIVERSE replied…a new private and a few new students at the studio…My glass is overflowing. Thank you Universe for guiding me. My mantra this week is:

Inhaling I am receiving…..whatever you need

Exhale I am releasing……whatever is holding you back