Is it a Tool or Loot?

Happy Summer!

On my Summer drives to visit my girls in Maine and MA i was listening to a podcast by my friend and colleague Victoria Shaw called Intuitive Connection. She was talking with a guest about the tools we have in our “spiritual toolbox” that can help us redirect our “monkey minds” back to the present moment, such as the breath etc. She mentioned that tools may cause us to think we need to “fix” something…that what we are is not enough…

So as I was driving, and singing, and driving, and listening…it occurred to me that Tool spelled backwards is Loot! And aren’t we so lucky that we know about the “loot”, the tool(s)? I love the saying “it’s not my monkey, it’s not my circus!” The older I get, and I am so very grateful for getting older, the less drama I want to attract. We know the Law of Attraction, meaning whatever you spend your time thinking about, positive or negative, is what you attract…I want to attract the loot, the gifts, the love, the peace, the light, the joy…

AND it’s the time of the Fire Element, the Heart of Early Summer, soon to be Late Summer all too quickly, so keep listening, keep singing, keep refreshing yourself back to your own heart.

What do you want to attract this Summer?

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