Have you been feeling more overwhelmed lately?

Do you notice the shift in the air?

What are you doing to ground yourself and be present?

For me Autumn(Metal Element in Chinese Medicine) always signals a beginning again…a letting go of the stuff that does not serve anymore and a letting in of the new now. As we know the only thing we can control is our response…we can’t control the weather or other peoples responses or opinions (OPO’s)…So what do we do? This week¬† I am using the mantra I am here.

I inhale I AM and exhale HERE

You can find slow movements with the mantra if you wish…ie; Standing or Seated Cat/Cow…

Inhale Arch the back and silently say “I AM”

Exhale and round the spine, tuck the chin and seal in all that energy and silently say “HERE”

Hear it in the breath…begin to feel the earth, the ground, your seat your feet and come home to yourself and the present moment.

Give it a try and let me know how you do



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  1. Thank you dear carol
    Such a positive tangible reminder
    You are a gift to the community & all who know you
    Thank you for sharing your teachings