I am grateful

You know those moments when you are stressed out,  maybe feeling nauseous and like throwing up at the same time?

Well, i hope you don’t experience the body’s Sympathetic Nervous System of Fight/Flight/Freeze too often, but I think I can safely say we all know what I am talking about right?

That happened to me this morning as I was checking in for my upcoming trip and of course needing more computer skills that i have to get it done at 6 am…

Yet, what i was so aware of, in the moment, was my body’s response to stress…it was visceral and i felt it big time!

People who are unaware or not not tapped into the messages of the body may not have noticed as significantly as I did, because if you are in a constant state of stress your body adapts (like putting on a pair of tight jeans that after a while don’t feel so tight) and you think that this is just the way you are….”I’m tense and nervous and I can’t relax” aka The Talking Heads….

Thankfully, I have a very patient, kind and loving boyfriend who helped me download what I needed with a very calm and generous heart and we got it done!!! AHHHHHHH…I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL..

Grateful for my life just as it is.

Grateful for the love in my life, just as it is.

Grateful for the friendships and teachers along the path that guide me every day.

Grateful to be grateful.

Breathe in what you are grateful for and exhale that out to the Earth.

“The Earth does not belong to us, We belong to the Earth” Chief Seattle

Thank you Earth for teaching me.

I AM GRATEFUL and great filled.