How does 5 Elements Harmony Yoga serve you?

“Aham Brahmasmi”  Have you heard this mantra? It is typically translated as “I am Brahman” or less literally as “I am divine.” It reflects the ultimate goal of yoga – union with the higher self. Yoga itself means “union.”

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! I love this concept and KNOWING that every breath we take in is OUR Breath…and every breath we breath out goes back to the whole. Union of mind, body and spirit is the meaning of Yoga…to  yoke, to be together.

That’s why i love the 5 Elements Paradigm….All the Elements are around us in the Universe and inside of us. I love teaching about these concepts. I love living my yoga off the mat with this in mind. I love thinking that “every shot is a dose of hope” for US all! I love feeling the togetherness whether in the studio or online. WE ARE ONE.

I wrote this poem when i graduated with my 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Chinese Medicine and Yoga.

Earth~May I stay centered

Metal~May I respect your edges and polish the gold with kindness

Water~May I let it flow and allow you to soften the rocks

Wood~May I invite the roots to rise up, be strong and bloom

Fire~May I love more, light up the world, Be Lit and Stay Lit!

I hope our paths cross soon,

As my teacher Davidji says “Aham Brahmasmi Baby”