How do you listen to yourself?

Truth be told I have been journaling since I was about 14…I always found writing to myself, be it diary form or creative spontaneous writing, for a few mins was/is a great way to hear myself!

Do you journal?

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing can that replace a walk/talk with a good friend, and i still love to do that.


Because I can hear myself talk, listen to what comes out of my mouth and usually learn something about how I am feeling plus practicing compassionate listening to others is a wonderful thing to do.

SO…while I am still journaling I also love to express what is happening in this wild and crazy mind with movement…Dancing(there’s a great class on Wed nights at 630p at the studio) & of course practicing yoga to connect my mind/body experience and doing creative tasks like painting, doodling, mandala coloring books are some great ways to express yourself!

So HAPPY SUMMER of 2022, celebrate the joys, big or small, be present, feel what you feel, be it sadness, anger, frustration and just love yourself with unconditional love.