“Gratefulness is the experience of the great fullness of life.” Brother David Steindl

The mind is the secretary to the heart…do you believe that?

I do! I believe that who I am is accessed thru my heart, my inner voice, not the craziness of my mind. Our minds goal is to plan, organize, keep busy figuring things out and if we live from that level we would never stop doing. I am a Human BEING, not a Human DOING! I love stopping, quieting my mind and being still every day. twice a day at least if I can, even if only for 5-10mins, to just BE, to just listen, to not do. I try to live my life by listening to my heart and following where that leads me.

AND, in the quiet, you can really hear the stirrings of your heart.

Fire Element, the time of Early Summer, is when the Heart and the Small Intestine are in “high tide”. The Meridians are the energy highways in the body. For the next 6 weeks or so, we will practice Meridian Breathing to facilitate the energy of the heart and the small intestine, which begin and end at the pinky’s. We will strengthen our arms, our hearts and our connection to the present moment.

With Gratitude for all of you hearts,