Full Moon Energy

Tonight there will be a Full Moon! It has seemed full the past few nights but tonight it will be it’s brightest!

How do you shine when you are your brightest?

Who and What makes you feel full and helps you to shine?

This week I have been visualizing the light of a Full Moon radiating from the crown of my head all the way down into my toes…It helps to ground your scattered energy and focus your chi…As we all know What We Practice Gets Stronger right?!

So what do you choose to focus your chi, your attention, your prana on?

My daughter Zoe and her bff Nicole are focusing their collective chi on riding their bicycles from ME to CA! They just spent 2 nights here in CT..we saw the full moon together, we practiced yoga with the light of the full moon, we meditated with the light of the full moon as we balanced our chi.

May they be safe and happy.

May We all be safe and happy.

May this World be safe and happy.

Check out the Full Moon tonight….and Check out upcoming workshops at Harmony Yoga too!

Be Full

Shine Bright