Evolving instead of Revolving…

I wanna CHOOSE evolving vs revolving….lately i have been feeling the post Covid busyness…and really i just wanna teach yoga! Yet I must work ON my business (doesn’t this sound/look like the word busyness?) and not just IN my business…and I know that. I am thrilled Harmony Yoga won Best Yoga Studio of Stamford 2021…I am thrilled to announce Harmony Yoga was accepted to be a yoga teacher on the Insight Timer App…I am thrilled new people are starting to come to the studio both privates and in classes. And yet…I must remember to not just go in circles and keep up with Social Media…I need to keep evolving in my own practice so I can teach from a fresh prospective. 

Can you relate?

2020 was a quiet time…a time to go inside, meditate more and stay at home.

We all learned so much.

We must stay present so we don’t get sucked back in to the busyness and the FOMO (fear of missing out).

and so I begin again, begin again, begin again.

Won’t you join me?

2 New Workshops happening to help us S L O W Down and begin again.

Check it out!

Thank you for meeting me here, slowly,