Do you believe in Magic?

Don’t you just love that song “Do you believe in Magic?” by The Monkeys???

There is Magic in the Air these days…things and events that happen that are unrelated yet connect…The Universe works in amazing and magical ways…You gotta look for the signs…Have you ever asked The Universe for a specific sign? Try It…Ask a Yes or No question and then choose the sign you need to see to know your answer…it may not happen right away but it WILL…Just Don’t Be Like Me and forget the question…LOL

Keep checking on the happenings for Harmony Yoga Events…This Sunday Gentle Yoga and Sound Concert may be cancelled due to low enrollment so if you are thinking of signing up please do so by tomorrow night!

I believe is this event is meant to happen it will…if not, it will be rescheduled for July!

Stay connect to the magic…XO Carol