Be. Here. Now.

Be in the moment, the present moment, so you can receive the gifts.

Here is being aware…but where is the where? The key is to be aware of the where!

AND can you hear the here and now..So here is also being aware…to be able to feel someone else feelings, be empathetic, be open to listening and hearing and NOT judging..that’s the hard part.

Striving for staying open, I listen to the sounds around me to bring me to the here and now.  I HEAR the beautiful birds chirping their songs, I feel the sun on my shoulders, I smell the beach roses and i KNOW i am in the here and now…and NOT in my mind thinking about the past or the future.

INHALE HERE and EXHALE NOW..inhale for 4 and exhale for 8 and you will feel yourself come back to the present moment.

Be. Here. Now.

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Namaste Dear Ones