Awareness…Harmony Yoga word of the week, What does this mean to you?

Awareness…what comes to mind for you?

Google says there are 5 Elements to Self-Awareness:

Self Concept



Body Awareness


Go Google!

Yes, Awareness is being conscious, to perceive, to be cognizant of….Many students this week related awareness outside of themselves ie; being aware of how what you say affects others, aware of your surroundings and situations etc.

In Kripalu Yoga, another name for Awareness is Witnessing…to be the witness, recognizing that there is a part of you that knows that you know, your inner voice…what’s significant is to NOT JUDGE it all(so difficult)…having the goal of simply recognizing and letting it all flow in and flow out without letting things get stuck…Watching your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your body, your self and being the observer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Observer is key and especially significant for the Metal Element/Fall. As we all prepare for the stillness of Winter/Water Element, we can learn to cultivate the ability to just witness and not react, to observe..that way when you are in a stressful situation you can take your yoga off the mat and just be present, watch, be aware, be conscious, observe and just Allow before you respond(vs a knee jerk reaction from the past)

As I always say, if you plant the same seeds, you get the same crop…so perhaps you can begin to plant the seeds of Awareness and see what grows!

Much Love to you for taking the time to read these blogs,