Anxiety? Yes we all experience this…sometimes!

How do you know when you are anxious? Anxiety has so so many expressions…from feelings of tension somewhere in the body, be it your shoulders, your belly, your low back or wherever you notice tension inside, to your heart racing, scattered thoughts, unable to accomplish the things on your list and decreased concentration, headaches and feeling too “full” in your mind, dizziness, dry mouth, feeling irritable, tiredness, unable to sleep…the list goes on and on. In fact there are over 100 symptoms.

And guess what? I had an mini anxiety attack this week. Yup, and it did not feel good. One of the ways I am healing myself is to Welcome it in…Say Hello to it…don’t try to stuff it under the rug…sit with it, pause and rest, meditate more, give myself permission to be human and know I am not perfect and ALLOW it all to Be just as it is.

And guess what?….All Things Pass if we recognize them.

Emotions = Energy in Motion.

When Energy gets stuck and is unable to pass through us we may experience the 5 Thieves that rob us of the present moment, be it Worry Fear Anger Sadness, or Anxiety.

So ask yourself “what are you worried about? what is it that is making you feel anxious?

Then have the loving kindness for yourself to listen.

RAIN = Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture.

We are on this path together.

See you on the mat I hope