What makes you come Alive?

What does the word Alive mean to you?

Can you feel the aliveness all around you as Spring energy rises???

For me right now I am noticing the flowers…and how they have the energy to push through the hard soil and still rise up….What are you pushing through? You know what you resist persists right? So it’s a balancing act, this life, of cultivating the strength to rise up and sprout thru the mud (like the Lotus Flower that is rooted in the mud and yet opens to the light EVERYDAY!)….and also to just BE..and Let it all BE….

I am loving this poem by Danna Faulds


What a process this life is.Something is always birthing, learning, attuning, blooming, awakening, taking its own sweet time, remembering, forgetting, accepting, resisting, tasting, grasping, seeing, grieving and letting go.That’s a long list, i know, but it doesn’t begin to describe what goes on in a fully lived life.

When the flower begins to open, no power on earth can stuff its petals back inside the bud.

Thank you for meeting me here

Let’s celebrate SPRING together

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