“I just discovered Carol’s studio last week, and this was my first experience with Kripalu yoga. I loved how different breathing and energy moving techniques were weaved into the slow flow practice. I would best describe it as a moving meditation. I left feeling relaxed, peaceful and so grateful to have connected with Carol’s open hearted community. -LS

“I love Harmony Yoga Studio!  It has changed my life!

“I am 40 years old and have had chronic back pain for 20 years.  When I say chronic, I truly mean being in pain every day. I have seen chiropractors who have helped, by giving me temporary relief. I have seen spine specialists who have told me, my bulging disc is not severe enough for surgery (not that I would consider surgery).  I was basically told it was something I would have to manage living with. A friend told me about Harmony Yoga Studio.  I decided to try it out. The first night I did yoga I immediately felt results the next morning when I woke up. When I stepped out of bed I had no pain.  I currently attend 1- 2 classes a week and have ZERO back pain.  Carol Shwidock is amazing!!! She has changed my life and I am forever grateful!

“Imagine being in pain everyday for 20 years, being told by doctors to simply live with it, trying a yoga class and feeling amazing after. It is almost unbelievable! Thank you Carol! Forever Grateful, –SG

“3 words “Great Stretch” and “Relax” –PH

“I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you again so much for class last night.  I’ve been struggling with some health and personal issues (some menopause and thyroid related, some work related) and just being in your class last night released so much anxiety and stress for me, I am truly grateful.

“I am extremely thankful for you and your amazing ability to share your healing power and just wanted to pass along my sincere appreciation. –LN

“Thank you for this life changing experience! I had chronic back pain for the past 20 years and forgot what it felt like to be pain free. Thanks to you, I have been absolutely pain free since I started taking your class! Truly amazing!!! When my kids heard I was taking a yoga class they asked if they could try it too! –SG

“Since I started Carol’s Gentle Yoga Class (about 6 wks ago), I feel like a different person (and that’s a good thing). I find being in your class for that hour, centers me and I take the calmness away with me.   I would normally worry and agonize over every decision I made, now I have a more relaxed aura about me and take things as they come. My husband even notices the calmness in me.In addition to emotional benefits I get from your class, my body also  feels the physical benefit. I’m more limber and only see myself getting better and better as I continue on in your class. –KD

“Initially tried yoga for the physical benefits, including improved flexibility and relaxation.   However, quickly discovered there’s more to it- an opportunity to get grounded, to self-reflect, and to find inner calm (breathing works!). I find that practice with Carol has helped me become more self aware, present in the moment, compassionate towards those around me, and better on both a mental and spiritual level. –JP